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Why choose 7075-T6 aluminum nut?

Time: 2018-07-30

For aluminum nut, the materials are 7075-T6 and 6061-T6. 7075-T6 is better than 6061-T6. The optimal features of 7075-T6 aluminum nuts are light weight, strong hardness, smooth surface, good color fastness and rustless.

1.Light Weight

The above three nuts are similar length and hex, but the weight is different. Aluminum nuts of 7075-T6 and 6061-T6 are light weight. It’s perfect use in racing car.


2. Strong hardness of 7075-T6

Many clients doubt about the quality of aluminum nut.  What about the safety performance? Will the material be soft? Our forged 7075-T6 choose good 7075 aluminum and has good performance of hardness. Pls check the following material analysis report of 7075-T6 which is made by TUV. The hardness of forged 7075-T6 is same as 6 grade nuts.