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Which wheel wrench should you choose?

Time: 2018-07-30

Wheel Wrenches all do the same job of tightening and loosening wheel nuts, however, each wrench has a number of different features that benefit the user in a number of ways.

Extendible wheel wrenches

Wheel wrenches have a square drive which makes them suitable for securing and loosening nuts of different sizes.They come with rubber handles for extra grip and comfort.

The shaft on this type of wheel wrench can be extended to offer more leverage. It needs to be extended when loosening tight wheel nuts, because the more leverage, the more force you can apply to the wheel nut making it easier to remove.

With a drive that can accommodate attachable sockets, it gives you the option to use different sized sockets so you can tighten and remove wheel nuts on a variety of vehicles.

Wheel wrench for 4x4s
This is a heavy duty wheel wrench that is suitable for owners of larger vehicles such as 4x4s. It is known as a heavy duty because it can withstand wear and constant use.
This type of wheel wrench comes with a socket already attached to the body of the wrench, so when choosing you need to know the size of the wheel nuts you will be loosening.
A heavy duty wheel wrench is needed on larger vehicles because the wheel nuts are much bigger, heavier and require more force when removing them.
The heavy duty wrench will provide the required amount of force to remove the large wheel nuts without easily damaging the tool.

What type of vehicle do you have?
The first thing you need to take into consideration is the type of vehicle that you have. If you have a car, then your best option is to purchase a wheel wrench with attachable sockets like the extendible wheel wrench. This type of wrench is more suitable for smaller vehicles.
If you own a larger vehicle such as a pickup truck, jeep, or any type of 4x4, then the heavy duty 4x4 wheel wrench will be the best choice.