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What is a wheel lug nut?

Time: 2018-07-30

A wheel lug nut is a fastener used to secure wheels on automobiles, trucks and other large vehicles. Each wheel is secured in place by 4 to 5 wheel nuts.

Some wheel lug nuts are already fitted by the vehicle manufacturer. These nuts require a 'wheel lock key' that fits onto the wheel wrench to install and remove nuts, to prevent the theft of alloys wheels.
Wheel lug nuts come in sets of 4; one for each wheel, with one lock key that can secure and loosen each of these nuts.

Wheel nut wrench are used to secure or loosen wheel/lug nuts on automobile wheels.

Wheel lug nuts need to be removed when replacing a tyre, a new wheel, installing new nuts, or replacing break pads. Wheel nuts need to be secured to allow the wheel to stay in place and not come off while the vehicle is moving.

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