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Titanium Alloy lug bolt

Time: 2018-07-30

Why more and more people choose titanium alloy lug bolts and nuts for their car?

1、 Lightweight
In recent years,the manufacturers of car have called for lower cost of parts, light weight and high strength. At the same time,in order to deal with environmental issues,we must reduce CO2 emaissions,In order to reduce fuel consumption,we must minimize the weight of the body.So,more and more people choose titanium alloy lug bolts instead of steel bolts used for car.
















2、High class
We choose Ti6AL4V α-β alloy type to make titanium alloy product, Which is light,strong and rustless. Our titanium alloy products are cold forged forming to ensure high strength.
And,the tensile strength is over 900MPa,like the test report showing:

Titanium is the best corrosion resistav=nce and hest resistance and it never get rusty.So,it is often used in steamship,naval ship,radar and other offshore installation.
However,Steel lug bolts or nuts are easily to rust.If zinc plated,it will rust less than 24hours netural salt spray test.
Now, a new designed titanium alloy lug bolt  launched,see it,

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