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How to remove the locking lug nuts

Time: 2020-06-15

The locking lug nuts all have the special patterns, there are lots of different patterns. if you want to remove the locking lug nuts, you have to us a key socket adapter that matches it exactl.

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But, many people often lost the key adapters,then asked

how to remove locking wheel nuts lost key?

how to remove lock lug nuts without key?

how to remove spline lug nuts?

how to remove round lug nuts?

how can i remove locking wheel nuts lost key?

how to get locking wheel nuts off without the key?

How should you do if you lost the key?

You can solve the problem in two ways.

1、Contact distributors or production factory.

•  Each key adapters from our factory has its own number.

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•You may tell us the number of the key socket adapters. But you must have recorded this number at the first time of purchase.

• If you haven't record the key adapter’s number, please show us the  pattern pictures.

We have been specializing in the production of wheel nuts and wheel bolts for 21 years. We have nearly 10,000 varieties of locking lug nuts and locking lug bolts. they are sold to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany, and Russia...many countries, maybe what you are using now comes from our factory, so please give us a call or an email with the pictures of the locking lug nut patterns, maybe we can provide you with the same key.

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2、Mandatory removal with electrowelding

    Note: In order to prevent your wheels from being burned during the welding process, be sure to apply a thick layer of lubricating grease. The thicker, the better.

① First prepare the following materials:

A square or hexagonal iron bar, 2-3 packs of lubricating grease, An adjustable wrench,A welding machine (Only the permittee can operate),

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② Apply a thick layer of lubricating grease on the wheel , especially around the screw holes, the thicker the better.

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③ Weld the square or hexagonal iron rod on the wheel lock nut.

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④Then use the adjustable wrench to twist the square or hexagonal iron bar. Then the wheel lock nut can be removed by turning the iron bar.

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⑤Wash the lubricating grease and you're done.

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I recommend it to buy one more spare key adapters when purchasing locking wheel nut or locking wheel bolt.


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