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How to judge electroplating quality of wheel nuts or bolts?

Time: 2018-07-30

This is ‘HONISHEN’ automatic electroplating production line, the total length is 72 meters, it can coat 220000pcs products per day.

The traditional surface plating of wheel nut or bolt:
1.Copper +nickel +chrome (low cost, easy rust)
2.half bright nickel + bright nickel + chrome (coating thickness is about 20 to 25μm, moderate cost, general anti-rust ),
All of ‘HONISHEN’ chrome products coating:
Half bright nickel + half bright nickel + bright nickel+ bright nickel + chrome, the thickness of nickel more than 30μm, (high cost, best anti-rust, greatly enhanced the product rust resistance)

Real anti-rust role is the nickel layer and the surface of bright chrome layer is just make surface beautiful, so the thickness of nickel layer for the product rust resistance play a crucial role.
The nickel material is very expensive, so difference of 1μm, the price will be us$0.02. Wheel nut or bolt is generally poor rust resistance in the market, normally only by 20 to 25 hours of salt spray testing.  ‘HONISHEN’ wheel nut or bolt is at least pass 72 hours, the highest can reach 500 hours.  Specially designed for the high-end customers provide best quality products.

More surprise, our black chrome coating can pass over 96 hours neutral salt spray testing, greatly enhanced the product rust resistance