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How important the thread for hub screw

Time: 2018-07-30

The accuracy thread of nuts/bolts is crucial
Many factories like to debase quality in this part, such as increase the thread hole of wheel nut, change the bolt with thin thread diameter. They do this because they can save the material and make thread easily. But, the disadvantage is that it will affect match fastness of the thread.
To judge the accuracy of thread, firstly need to check the sharpness of thread, the sharper the better.

Professional testing tools
In addition, we also need to check it with professional checking tool: screw plug gauge and thread ring gauge. Request : go gauge smoothly, no-go gauge less than 2 screws.
Each product in “HONGSHENG” need check one by one by hand, it’s 100% test. Even though it takes our much time and cost, we ensure the product that we offer you is “zero-defect”. “HONGSHENG” always insist this.

Dynamic show--”HONGSHENG” thread
Our packer test tread one by one via standard thread gauge tool----go and no go gauge,
each thread should not only testing go gauge, and also check no go gauge, 100% full inspection, without leak products.