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Electroplating workshop

Time: 2018-07-30

We are the only factory in China that have own automatic electroplating line, which was introduced in 2005. Every day the workshop can plate 120,000 pieces wheel nuts.

Our wheel nuts are plated with 4 layers nickel&1 layer chrome. The function of nickel is anti-rust while function of chrome is decorative. We guarantee the thickness of nickel is≥28μm, while the thickness of chrome is≥3μm. Each customer can test it in our workshop.

Each day the finished wheel nuts must take neutral salt spray test. Wheel nuts with chrome coating must pass over 72h neutral slat spray test, which means it will not rust in 3 years. Black chrome wheel nuts pass more than 96h neutral spray test while maintain smooth and shinning black surface. And it won’t rust in 5 years.
If you are looking for high quality wheel nut&bolt, don’t hesitate to contact us.