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Are you interesting in refit bolt type?

Time: 2018-07-30


Qualified mechanical properties
Auto wheel bolts bear the weight of the whole car, and drive the wheel hub high speed rotating in the process of high speed, so theirs safety are particularly important.
Many of companies made 10.9 or 12.9 grade bolt by 45#, 40Cr etc materials, but flexibility of those materials are very poor performance, although hardness test are qualified, but still failure in torsion test, anti-fatigue test.  Therefore, hardness, force, anti-fatigue test, three items are indispensable when you judge if the mechanical properties of the bolts are qualified.

Our Bolt
Mechanical properties: 10.9 Grade
Hardness: HRC32 ° - 39 °
Tensile load:≥95800N/mm²
Warranty load: ≥76400N/mm²
Tensile intensity: ≥1040 N/mm²

Material Science

Material: Aluminum 7075
Super Lightweight                  
We have many different colors

Material: SCM440 premium quality
steel thought heat-treatment
Grade: 10. It is good for racing composite
We have chrome, black and rainbow

Material: Aluminum 7075
Prevents scratch-free washer
We have many different colors


More color

We have more colors for your choice, for meeting your personalized pursue
Series without washer

Series with washer