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Alternatives to wheel lock problems

Time: 2018-07-30

If we use wheel locks, ordering a spare key and keeping it in a secure place is a wise precaution. Even with care, keys sometimes break or wear out. Having a spare key available can also save the day, when someone misplaces the original. It can take a few days to get a replacement, so the time to order is before a problem occurs.
When a wheel-lock key is lost, most shops have tools to remove the locks. Should a flat tire occur and the key cannot be found, sometimes we may inflate it temporarily, and drive to the shop. If not, towing the vehicle may be necessary.

For some folks, wheel locks may be more trouble than they are worth.  In low crime areas, the hassle is of keeping up with the key is more than the benefit provided. Purchasing four standard lug nuts, and omitting the locks, will prevent many potential problems. Keep the locks and key in the glove box, so if the next owner wants them, they are available.

We can also temporarily install wheel locks, if traveling to a risky area, as when on vacation. All security comes with added responsibility. Wheel locks are no exception. A few simple precautions help prevent a major inconvenience.