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Changzhou Hongsheng Machinery Fitting Factory
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  • Reliable Machinery Fittings Factory

    Changzhou Hongsheng is a reliable machinery fittings factory. Wheel Bolt, Wheel Nut,Wheel Stud, Wheel Lock Bolt, Wheel Lock Nut are our main products. Our products have won good reputation in the international market due to our high quality, good service and factory price...

  • Lug Nuts Wholesaler

    Lug nut is a special nut for fixing the outer hub of a car. Because of the uncertainty of a car nut, there is no national standard for a car nut. However, the general type and the general hexagonal nut are roughly the same as those in the middle of the M12-M42. Compared with ordinary hexagonal nuts, hub nuts are generally more than the same specificati

  • How to Maintain Auto Tire in Winter?

    Tire pressure: Because of the impact of thermal expansion and contraction, the winter tire pressure will decrease, if not properly increase the tire pressure, not only will increase the car's fuel consumption, but also accelerate the wear and tear of car tires, but also to avoid tire pressure too High impact grip, the car's control, especially brake effec

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