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  • truck wheel lock

    Choose truck wheel lock, cut loss 1. Truck wheel lock nut These years many truck lose the wheels on the way. Owner lost a lot of money. Our company develop wheel lock nuts for truck. Products are popular to truck drivers. And that help them cut loss.

  • What is a wheel lug nut?

    A wheel lug nut is a fastener used to secure wheels on automobiles, trucks and other large vehicles. Each wheel is secured in place by 4 to 5 wheel nuts.

  • What is spline wheel lug nuts for?

    As a 18 years' experience Wheel Nuts,Wheel Bolts,Wheel Locks factory,Here HONISHEN introduce you what is spline wheel lug nuts for?
    Spline Wheel Lug Nuts is mainly for those cars with small wheel hubs or for small cars,

  • what is the black material on the surface of wheel nut and bolt...

    In Chinese market, the most popular wheel nut and wheel bolt are black ones, especially the black chrome. You may ask, what is black chrome?
    The black surface of black chrome is kind of oxidizing substances.

  • What is the difference of zinc lug nut and chrome lug nuts?...

    The Finished Cost of zinc lug nut is cheaper than chrome lug nuts,but the Plating Thickness of chrome lug nuts is more than 28μm,zinc lug nut plating thickness is only 5μm,so Color Fastness and Anti-Rust Performance of Chrome...

  • Which grades wheel nuts do you need?

    Except the shape and seat, the true high grade wheel nut should also ensure that material, Rockwell / Vickers hardness and guarantee load (prevent link loosing) are qualified.

  • Which wheel wrench should you choose?

    Wheel Wrenches all do the same job of tightening and loosening wheel nuts, however, each wrench has a number of different features that benefit the user in a number of ways.

  • Why are Lug nuts on car wheels designed to cover the whole bolt ?...

    we are talking about this as opposed to this These are actually both lug nuts. One is an acorn nut, which covers the end of the bolt, and the other is a standard open lug nut Acorn nuts are typically used where they are exposed and standard nuts are used where there is a hub cap or cover over the center of the wheel...

  • Why choose 7075-T6 aluminum nut?

    For aluminum nut, the materials are 7075-T6 and 6061-T6. 7075-T6 is better than 6061-T6. The optimal features of 7075-T6 aluminum nuts are light weight, strong hardness, smooth surface, good color fastness and rustless...

  • You really know about bolts?

    We just discuss bolts that using in cars.Some people call it bolt,but some one call it stud.Wheel studs are the threaded fasteners that hold on the wheels of many automobiles. They are semi-permanently mounted directly to the vehicle hub...

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