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  • How important the thread for hub screw

    The accuracy thread of nuts/bolts is crucial Many factories like to debase quality in this part, such as increase the thread hole of wheel nut, change the bolt with thin thread diameter. They do this because they can save the material and make thread easily..

  • How to identify the correct lug nut and wheel lock for your vehicle...

    There are five main components to identify the correct lug nut or wheel lock:Thread Size Thread Pitch Seat Type Length/Dimensions Finish/Color
    The wheel studs are the threaded bolts (or studs) that protrude through the holes in your wheels onto which you would thread your lug nuts.

  • How to judge electroplating quality of wheel nuts or bolts?...

    This is ‘HONISHEN’ automatic electroplating production line, the total length is 72 meters, it can coat 220000pcs products per day.

  • How to judge the 10.9grade bolt

    To judge mechanical property of wheel bolt, we should from 3 parts that is hardness, tensile, and torque. These 3 items are indispensable. And the parameter of 10.9 grade bolts should have these parts: Rockwell hardness is HRC32-39, tension load≥73100N/㎜², tensile strength≥1040N/㎜².

  • Importance of wheel spacer

    You may have seen the plate-liked metal object when you send your car for a refurbishment, but you may not know what is it. The metal plate is called flange or wheel spacer, which is used for car modification, to adjust the space between the car axle and wheel hub.

  • Packing Department

    Packing Department Changzhou HongSheng Machine Fittings Factory(www.wheel the packing,our company always insists on strictly check.Every packer nee to check the appearance and thread of each wheel nut or wheel bolt.

  • The comparison between titanium alloy bolt and steel bolt...

    What are the difference between titanium alloy bolt and steel bolt? 1.material For titanium alloy bolt, the material is Ti6AL4V which is α-β alloy type material. The optimal features are light, strong and rustless.

  • Titanium Alloy lug bolt

    Why more and more people choose titanium alloy lug bolts and nuts for their car?1、Lightweight In recent years,the manufacturers of car have called for lower cost of parts, light weight and high strength. At the same time,in order to deal with environmental issues,we must reduce CO2 emaissions...

  • To Learn About Wheel Nuts History

    Nowadays,the cars are every where.Car has became daily transport.We all know the cars have wheels to drive,to make them move.The wheels must use wheel nuts or bolts to tighten wheels.Today,i just find some interesting things to share with your guys.Yes,it's the nuts history.

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