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What is Winter Tires?

In winter, many drivers change their tires into winter tires to be safe. Do you know what is winter tires? 

Changzhou Hongsheng Machine Fittings Factory would like to answer this questions.

Internationally accepted standard is suitable for the use of tires below 7 degrees Celsius. Winter tires and all-weather tires compared to different formulations used in winter tires, so the material is relatively soft, relatively wartier grooves deeper in the ice and snow to provide greater grip and skid resistance to protect the car at low temperatures Adhesion on the pavement provides better braking and handling performance on dry, wet, or snowy roads in winter. According to the road slip performance, winter tires are divided into jagged tires, snow tires and studs tires of three specifications. Currently in the country except for non-slip nailed tires are not allowed to use, the other two kinds of winter tires can be used.

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