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Tire Bolt Strength Grade

For the tire safety, usually need fasteners to fixed, fixed method is divided into two ways: One is the hub bolts and wheel nuts (typical examples: Japanese cars, Korean cars, domestic, such as QQ and other mini cars); The other is the wheel fixing bolts, most of the pure European and American cars use fixed wheel bolts (typical example: Volkswagen, PSA cars, including 307).

Wheel bolts and wheel nuts: hub bolts need to hit the brake disc, and outside the hub is fixed with a nut. The advantage is the appearance of good-looking, nuts with chrome-plated, looks very bright, chrome is not easy to damage. Disadvantages: because the bolt needs to hit the brake disc, if the bolt is damaged, disassembly is very difficult, need to remove the brake disc assembly. And the cost of the hub bolts and wheel nuts is greater than the wheel fixing bolts. 

Wheel fixing bolts: The hub is fixed directly with bolts, the disadvantage is that if the bolt head is not protected, easy to rust. The advantage is easy to replace.

Wheel Nuts

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