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Inspection of Rim Deformation

Wheel deformation will cause the wheel imbalance, increase the brake drum beating error, affecting the car's handling performance and braking performance. After the deformation of the hub, the flange of the two-wheel bearing outer ring as the base, turning the flange, flange round beating tolerance is 0.15mm.

the round beating tolerance within flat rim rim 20mm is 2.50mm. The round beating tolerance on the deep rim of the car and the round beating tolerance near the edge are 2.00mm, which should be replaced after deformation, to ensure smooth performance during wheel rolling and to reduce tire wear.

The rim of the flat rim is not less than 45mm in the free state. Otherwise it shows that the elasticity of the lock ring has been declining, under the action of tire pressure, there are hidden dangers, so it must be replaced. It is strictly forbidden to increase the amount of overlap. When the wheel bolt hole wear is greater than 0.20mm, repair or replace the rim.

Wheel Bolts

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