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How to Maintain Auto Tire in Winter?

Tire pressure: Because of the impact of thermal expansion and contraction, the winter tire pressure will decrease, if not properly increase the tire pressure, not only will increase the car's fuel consumption, but also accelerate the wear and tear of car tires, but also to avoid tire pressure too High impact grip, the car's control, especially brake effect.

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Fetal: In winter, but also regular cleaning of inclusions in the tread, try to avoid using more than one tire, replace the wear and tear of different brands of different brands of tires. In the same axle can not be loaded with different specifications, different structure of the tire. Different specifications of the tires installed on the same axis, will cause over or under steering, easy to cause skidding, can easily lead to traffic accidents. Even with different brands with the same specifications, because of the difference between the birth and tread pattern, it is best not to mix and match.

Driving habits: This is directly related to the owner of the factors. Starting too fast, suddenly turning, emergency braking, high-speed driving in lots of bad roads, scraping obstacles along the road and parking, etc., will lead to serious tire wear, thereby reducing the service life of the tire. Therefore, good driving habits after all, the most direct and effective way to maintain the tire.

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