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Car Tires Maintenance Tips

Car tires to ensure that your car normal driving, if the tire is broken, the replacement of the tire is a matter of time and money. So you should try your best to maintain your tire. The following will teach you how to care for your car tires. Turn your tire frequently. Turning your car tires can have many benefits, including improving fuel consumption and overall car performance. Tires that rotate less frequently will wear out due to uneven surfaces, so it is recommended that you turn your car's tires every 10,000 kilometers.

Avoid traveling on muddy roads or on rugged roads unless you have to. Driving on such roads often results in a flat tire and accelerates tire wear. If you are traveling on such a road, you should turn your tires more.

Maintaining the normal pressure on the tire. Maintaining the recommended standard tire pressure will really increase your mileage and keep the overall performance of the vehicle as good as it can. This will accelerate tire wear if the tire does not maintain normal internal pressure.

Inflate the car according to the recommended tire pressure on your car's manual, and have service personnel check the pressure on your tires to see if they are at their normal level.

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