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Talk About Anti-theft Screws

Many types of screws can be used to support the most anti-theft screws. Let's talk about anti-theft screws.

Generally a set of imported brands of modified wheels are very high value, with non-theft of the wheel screws installed in the car, then maybe wake up, the car will become like this.

So for safety reasons, we still need a set of wheel locks. Anti-theft screw is like a keyhole, you must have a key to open the lock. In general, a wheel mounted on the 4-5 screws, as long as it is a anti-theft screw can play a security role. So we can see a set of 16 or 20 screws, the remaining 12-16 is a common screw head, and also supporting a dedicated anti-theft sleeve.

There is also a double anti-theft screw. There is a nut on the top of the nut, and you want to unscrew the nut plug, use the matching nut keys.

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